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Youths to Stay Healthy

Our dictionary may say that ‘healthy’ is simply keeping injuries and illnesses at bay. However, medical experts think it is beyond that. This is not only social and mental health, but also physical well-being. Doctors also say that the key to increase our lifespan is for us to start living a healthy lifestyle in the early 20s. So, how can we achieve that? Here are tips to help you live healthily in your 20s:

1. Reduce Screen Time

If you believe your screen time is becoming too much, know that you’re alone. Regardless of benefits that technology offers, it can as well negatively affect your physical and mental health. That is why you have to reduce screen time by taking regular breaks, tracking your habits, and make your mobile devices less appealing.

2. Quit Smoking

If you smoke frequently, then it is high time you stop. Why? Smoking, especially tobacco can use health issues, like lung cancer. If you want to stop smoking but still enjoynicotine, switch to vapingYou may order vapes online to enjoy nicotine without the risks that are associated with smoking cigarettes.

3. Avoid Sunburns

Although sunburns might not look like a big deal right now, they might have very lasting effects when it comes to your health. Being exposed under the sun for a long time may result in premature skin aging, which can translate into wrinkles and other issues. However, this doesn’t mean that you completely stay out of the sun. You may still go to a swimming pool/beach or take a short walk on a beautiful sunny day. Just ensure you wear sunscreen with more than 15 SPF rating.

4. Keep on Exercising

Daily chores, such as taking the trash out or cleaning your bedroom won’t be enough to increase your heart rate. You will need to opt for activities, like running and biking. To get the benefits of exercising, you can download fitness apps onto your smartphone or computer. Those apps will help to keep track of your daily exercises you do every day.

5. Communicate and Meet with Friends

Research shows that, meeting with your peers and catching up with them can help to promote your overall well-being and prevent burnout. If you can have a group connection with friends, the better. It will help you foster resilience as well as release helpful chemicals in your brain, which can support your mental health. Also, the meeting doesn’t have to be boring. Other than just talking, you can as well engage in other things, such as:

  • Gaming
  • Playing with slime

No matter the age, people enjoy every stage of their lives especially in the early 20s. However, most of us mess up at this stage. We don’t just spend a lot of time on the screen. We also eat unhealthy food. This is why, for you to increase your lifespan, you have to start now and live a healthy lifestyle by exercising, minimizing your screen time, avoiding sunburns, stopping to smoke, and communicating/meeting with friends.

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