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Finding the dentist on call for emergencies or managing to get an appointment with one of the dental offices in your city for a first appointment can be more complex than you could imagine. And between implantology, dental aesthetics, dental infections and oral surgery, you may also doubt which health professional to contact. So simplify your access to care and contact a Docali dental care center. We explain everything to you!

Make an appointment with the dentist, quickly the contact details of a Docali dental center!

In terms of access to care in general, and access to dental care in particular, French women and men are not equal. Finding a health center or a dental office is more difficult in some territories than in others. And yet, making an appointment is the first step in your care journey. However, as recalled by the Health Insurance, equal access to care is one of the 3 pillars of our health system.

You are looking for a dental surgeon to make an appointment, then in Toulouse as in Lyon , in Lille as in Paris or in the Paris region, simply contact your Docali dental center. Finding a dentist quickly is your priority, responding to you as soon as possible is our ambition. Dental surgeons welcome you to provide you with the care you need, and in terms of oral health, they are as numerous as they are diversified.

Which dental office for which dental care?

Between dental surgery, extractions (broken tooth, etc.), scaling, teeth whitening, implantology and dental prostheses, etc., oral health involves specific care depending on each person’s situation. So having a dental health center that can meet all these expectations, however specific they may be, makes it easier for you to make an appointment with the dentist. Make an appointment with one of the Docali dental centersis done in a few clicks or by a simple phone call. And for a toothache or any other dental emergency – and everyone knows that dental pain alone represents a real emergency -, access to our dentists without an appointment is also possible so quickly save the details of your center dental, your daily dental health partner.

For some, consulting a dentist can also raise questions by asking the question: who to consult exactly? A dentist, a surgeon, a stomatologist, an orthodontist, a prosthetist, …

All of these names can be confusing, so who do you really meet when you walk into a dental clinic. There are no differences between dentists and dental surgeons. Indeed, for many years, these practitioners have held the title of Doctor of Dental Surgery. The dentist is a health professional, subject to the Public Health Code and to professional ethics. As such, he is registered with the order of dental surgeons. Consulting a dentist in Docali dental centers therefore ensures that you meet a recognized dental surgeon, capable of taking charge of all aspects of oral health.

3 specialties are officially recognized by the dentist:

dentofacial orthopedics : After having followed the traditional course of the dental surgeon, the orthodontist will continue his studies thus becoming the specialist in the correction of the alignment of the teeth and the dental occlusion.

Oral surgery : The dental surgeon specializes in being able to intervene in the most complex situations (dental infection, infectious cellulitis, multiple dental alvusions, etc.) and therefore operates on his patients under local or general anesthesia.

Oral medicine: Unlike the other two specializations, oral medicine is not exclusively reserved for one type of patient and includes any “  multidisciplinary management of patients with serious and/or specific pathologies . »

 Stomatologists , on the other hand, are surgeons who specialize in the care of the mouth, jaw and face. From now on stomatology has become oral surgery, which includes the first with maxillofacial surgery. The periodontist , a dental surgeon specializing in periodontics, is the specialist in all pathologies related to the elements surrounding the tooth, bone or gums, while the pedodontist is a dental surgeon, who specializes in the care for the most youth.

As the general practitioner is your referent to direct you to the specialists you need, your dentist appears to be your partner in oral health. Being able to provide you with the care you need (installation of a dental implant, extraction of teeth, cavities, soothing the pain for a toothache, dental emergencies, cosmetic dentistry, etc.), he can also, if necessary, refer you to one or other of these specialists (endodontics, orthodontics, etc.). So just make an appointment!

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