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Why becoming a dentist can be attractive  ? The reasons are many. The conditions of exercise, the satisfaction of relieving a patient of the pain of a cavity or an abscess, the opportunity to feed his passion for periodontics and to explore all its aspects. The daily life of the odontologist is not reduced to simple dental scaling. Among the health professions, it is not always easy to choose your specialty. It is then a question of carefully studying the advantages they present. Here is a brief overview of the sources of motivation for dental professionals.

Make your passion your profession

Like health-related professions, that of a dentist involves undertaking a relatively long academic career. The profession is only accessible after six years of higher education, validated by obtaining the DE (State diploma) in dental surgery.

It goes without saying that the dental student is driven by a passion for dentistry. It is easier to carry out long tedious studies and to fulfill oneself fully if the learner is driven by an insatiable intellectual curiosity. This explains why becoming a dentist is challenging and rewarding.

Dental surgery is a very demanding discipline. It requires the practitioner to keep a regular watch on the various studies in progress. This allows him to update his knowledge and keep informed of innovations in the field. It can be  :

Science is constantly progressing and technologies are changing very rapidly. The odontology therapist cannot afford to ignore the perpetual updating of his knowledge.

Why become a dentist  : to have the opportunity to diversify your missions

If he wishes, the practitioner can simply choose to take advantage of his technical expertise within his dental office. Installed comfortably, he sees the appointments follow one another and takes advantage of the human aspect of his job. The clinician can take the time to forge a special bond with each patient, which helps him to provide his care under the best conditions.

However, this daily life is not always enough to fully blossom. The profession of dental surgeon has the advantage of being able to vary the pleasures. Indeed, his level of expertise, his technicality and his sharpened knowledge of his discipline, can lead this specialist towards other related activities. Thus, depending on their preferences and predispositions, research or training represent new career prospects that will enrich their experience.

Research is a great opportunity to get out of your routine to explore dental health from different angles. Teaching calls on other qualities, such as pedagogy, and does not correspond to all profiles. On the other hand, this field offers the possibility of transmitting one’s passion and of exchanging with one’s students. The job then takes on a whole new dimension.

Contribute to oral hygiene education

If it is still necessary to ask why to become a dentist, it is essential for the future professional to consider his future profession under another aspect  : education. Indeed, this doctor plays a crucial role with young people, since he is responsible for promoting oral hygiene. What does a dental surgeon do to achieve his goals  ? It educates families, especially young children, by explaining  :

It can also get involved in various prevention campaigns. He then intervenes in schools to spread his message on the importance of acting upstream in order to avoid curative consultation, which is not always very pleasant.

Have a great autonomy in his work by setting up as a liberal

Most of the time, this specialist practices his discipline as a liberal within his own dental office. This is why becoming a dentist allows you to have considerable autonomy in the management of your activity. It frees itself from the rules imposed by health managers in larger structures. As a liberal, the therapist is also a business leader and supports  :

It is also up to him to establish his own patient base. To do this, it uses all the means at its disposal to make itself known locally and gather favorable opinions on the quality of its patient care.

Take advantage of teamwork

Conversely, the inexperienced dentist has the possibility of integrating a medical team by practicing in a hospital establishment or in a medical center. By pooling their premises, specialists have the possibility of sharing their patients, which can prove profitable for a professional at the start of his career.

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