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“In the shape of what?” Okay, Philippe’s jokes aren’t the funniest but Jim always smiles to please his best friend. Together, they decided to look for a sports coach to answer their questions. And it was on me that they fell, here are the answers I gave them: ” Often when you want to be in shape or in better shape, it means wanting to be in good physical condition, sufficient in relation to the effort that you impose on your body. Concretely, it means feeling satiated with sleep when you wake up, at ease in your body, with breathing that adapts to the effort, whether on a daily basis or during a sports activity such as walking or jogging.

It’s feeling solid, resistant, having no pain (back pain, tendonitis, etc.) or illness (cold, flu, angina, etc.) that interferes with your daily life. In short, being in good shape means feeling your body, your heart and your morale in harmony. And in general, we associate being in good shape with being in good spirits, it’s not for nothing. The health of our body influences our mind and vice versa. “

# Sport and mental health

So why is sport good for our minds? Can it compensate for drug treatments in case of depression? Are there sports or practices to be preferred? Rather collective? individual ? What are the short-term and long-term benefits? Here you will find the answers to your questions, nice listening!

How to start fitness?

“! ” Philippe motivates himself. I tell them all the same: ” It’s not just a question of sports guys, getting back in shape is a daily program. To get back in shape, you have to take care of yourself from head to toe but also inside out. Mean by that, new lifestyle habits . “

In addition to suitable and regular physical activity, I mention five other essential points to them that my physiotherapist Manu repeats to me, to be in good health. form: sleep, food, hydration, stress management and rest.

Food and hydration

A “healthy” diet or a “healthy” meal is based on an adequate supply of nutrients through a complete and varied diet.

This nutritional intake must be in accordance with your daily energy expenditure, your fitness goals, your physiological needs, taking into account possible digestive disorders and pathologies. Discover our advice.

Eating a balanced diet: our sport and diet advice

“To be in good shape, it is necessary to learn how to manage and evacuate stress. Breathing, meditation and exercise help.”

Stress management

How does sport help fight stress? Which sports to choose to feel better? Marie-Hélène Mine, psychiatrist, explains the effects of sport on the mind and Margaux, medical student, tells us how sport is her best anti-stress solution.

Sport, the anti-stress solution

“Getting back in shape also means allowing yourself moments of rest, also called recuperation, we let the body recharge its batteries for more progress. ”

The importance of recovery

To limit or avoid small sores, aches or injuries, we share with you the 5 recovery tips from Clément, physiotherapist.

And for an ideal fitness program, a good dose of physical exercise awaits our two athletes. Push-ups , sheathing, cardio, stretching, 20 minutes a day minimum (the WHO said so!) with very varied sessions.

Fitness exercises: how to do it?

I remind Philippe and Jim of the rules of the game when you return to sport (especially after 50 years): ” First of all, you go through the medical box, gentlemen! It would be a shame to have to skip your turn or even stop. A general check-up allows you to resume physical activity in a more serene way.

Continue with 8 exercises to start the sports program with a fitness objective. Find muscle strengthening exercises with body weight, that’s enough to resume, as well as stretching exercises.

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