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With the multiplication of rituals and cosmetic proposals, it is sometimes difficult to choose. What is the right care for her skin? How to use it in the most efficient way possible? This is an opportunity for PHI to return to the question of the serum: what is it made of? What is it used for? And how to properly use a face serum?

The serum, a highly targeted high-tech treatment

The first characteristic of the face serum  is to be particularly concentrated in targeted active ingredients. Its most often very fluid texture allows it to penetrate quickly and deeply into the epidermis. Originally designed mainly to fight against skin aging, they now cover a very wide field of action (moisturizers, anti-redness, anti-dark spots, anti-wrinkles, etc.) A serum concentrates and optimizes the active ingredients the most effective to meet specific skin needs… Provided you use your care properly.

Why use a serum?

Ideally, your skin decides! At any age (adult), the serum is particularly recommended when your skin expresses one or more specific needs which may manifest as redness, irritation, significant dryness, very devitalized skin. If these skin problems are temporary, a course of a few weeks with the appropriate serum will allow your skin to regain its balance and health.

Beyond its basic needs , if your skin has recurring requirements related to age or has a specific skin type, the daily use of a serum can be beneficial to preserve beauty, balance and youthfulness of your skin.

Whatever the pace at which you call on the specific virtues of a serum, it remains essential to preserve your skin with a good care routine: cleanliness, hydration, protection!

How to properly use a face serum?

A serum is applied to skin that has been perfectly cleansed of all make-up and impurities. The majority of serums being endowed with multiple virtues, it is preferable to apply it in the evening. Indeed, it is during the night that your skin works at full speed on its regeneration and it is also at this time that the concentrated active ingredients of your serum are most beneficial to it. To find out more about the rhythm of your skin, don’t hesitate to read or reread our article on chronobiology , or “How to boost the effectiveness of your skincare” …

With a fluid texture and a high concentration of active ingredients, it is not necessary to use large quantities of product: a few drops (3 or 4) are enough for the face and neck. Except for dry and uncomfortable skin, it is not useful to superimpose a cream on the serum before the night, especially if the latter contains mineral oils or silicones which will harm the good oxygenation of your skin. For very dry or very reactive skin, it may be necessary to apply your serum also in the morning. In this case, it is imperative to follow it with your day cream. Indeed, a serum is not intended to provide you with the comfort and protection of a cream. On the other hand, it will boost the effects throughout the day.

How to properly use a face serum and above all…

If your skin presents a particular problem, choose a product targeted for the problem in question. It is better to have an effective response to a particular skin deficiency rather than too general a treatment which risks having an ineffective action, or even contrary to what you expect.

Pay attention to the list of ingredients. If you find silicones (ingredients ending in “-methicone” or “-siloxane”) in the first 5 or 6 components, move on! It is a safe bet that this treatment will only produce a superficial and not very lasting result. For the record, we spoke at length about silicones HERE … The best way to ensure optimal quality and effectiveness of your serum is to turn to aOrganic (and certified!) cosmetics.

PHI Essentiel’s Tailor-Made BIO-COMPLEX is the 1st Bio-certified serum to adapt exactly to the needs of your skin . It combines natural components constituting cocktails of healthy and effective active ingredients. Your tailor-made serum will thus act in perfect affinity with your skin. From 25 targeted formulas ( PHIactif *) and a complete diagnosis to be carried out online, PHI Essentiel composes a totally personalized serum for you: your Custom-made Bio-Complex.

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