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Often overlooked in skincare routines, the tonic lotion is nevertheless an essential product. It offers many benefits for the skin and perfectly complements the cleansing action of facial cleansers . The tonic is indeed used after removing make-up from the skin, as the first gesture of care. It is a product in its own right which is frequently considered “optional”, whereas it is the perfect ally for obtaining skin that is more supple and full of vitality.

Why use a face toner?

The application of the tonic lotion  is an additional gesture to create a complete facial cleansing routine. Its use allows to eliminate the remains of makeup, impurities, dead skin and anything that could clog your pores. It’s a significant boost since the consequences of poorly cleansed skin are never pleasant: pimples, blackheads, dull complexion, premature aging, etc.

In addition, the tonic has toning and decongestant properties. A fresh shot that awakens the skin and gives it a more radiant appearance. The tonic also hydrates the face in depth and thus allows the skin to be more receptive to the treatments (such as creams and other serums) that will be applied afterwards.

Result of using a  toner on the face  ? The skin is deeply soothed and ready to receive the care that corresponds to it. In daily application, it gently tones and gives an extra boost of radiance to the skin. It is a real treatment that deserves a place of choice in your beauty routine.

How to properly apply a tonic lotion?

First of all, it is crucial to choose the right tonic lotion . Like all skincare products, a toner should be selected based on your skin type. Using a toner for dry skin on oily skin can lead to blemishes and conversely, a toner for oily skin applied to dry skin can cause skin irritation.

Diadermine Essential PH5 Soothing Toning Lotion gently tones the skin. Its formula is particularly suitable for dry skin and sensitive skin. In order to make the most of its benefits on the skin, Diadermine guides you in the application of your tonic lotion for the face:

It is best to avoid the eye area as it is more fragile than other areas of the face. However, you can use a product specially adapted to this area, such as Diadermine’s gentle eye make-up remover .

Good to know : the tonic lotion and the scrub go well together! It is possible to use a tonic before the exfoliation so that the skin is completely cleansed. The scrub can also be removed using a cotton ball soaked in tonic lotion. This will help preserve the epidermis and soothe it after the exfoliating action of your Diadermine stick scrub . The skin is even softer and smoother!

The tonic: use morning and evening

The tonic lotion can be applied morning and evening! Indeed, our skin secretes sebum and toxins during the night and it is essential to purify it upon waking.

For use in the morning, the tonic is the first care step to perform, even before applying the day cream . It will prepare the skin and tone it gently thanks to its freshness

In the evening, the skin of our face needs to breathe. Makeup, pollution: it’s time to give her some rest. Unlike the morning application, it is necessary to apply the lotion as a last cleansing gesture to get rid of the last impurities and soothe the skin. The night care routine can then be applied.

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