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treat tendonitis in the shoulder

Do you want to learn how to treat tendinitis in the shoulder quickly? Rotator cuff tendonitis is responsible for persistent stiffness and pain that can interfere with your daily activities. Rest assured, there are many methods to put an end to the pain associated with shoulder tendonitis.

Dr. Marc Beauchamp is a  renowned orthopedic surgeon  with over 30 years of experience. Find out in this article  how to cure your shoulder tendonitis  quickly.

What is shoulder tendonitis?

Shoulder tendinitis, or  rotator cuff , is a  musculoskeletal disorder of the shoulder . It is therefore an inflammation that is located in the shoulder joint, at the level of the joint.

This joint is usually stabilized by a group of muscles called the rotator cuff and the  biceps tendon . It is this set of muscles and tendons that maintains the position of the humerus (upper arm bone) in the shoulder cavity, also called the glenoid.

When the tendons in the rotator cuff or biceps become inflamed, that’s when it’s called tendonitis in the shoulder.

How to Treat Shoulder Tendinitis: What Causes Shoulder Tendon Inflammation

Shoulder tendonitis is a so-called sports-type injury. It mostly affects people who play sports like baseball, swimming, tennis, and golf that require a lot of  repetitive motion .

In addition to athletes, people who work on a production line, at the cash register, or who have to lift heavy weights regularly are also at risk of  developing a  tendon disorder in the shoulder . Overuse of these tendons is the main cause of tendonitis in the shoulder.

How to treat tendonitis in the shoulder?

The goal when trying to  treat tendinitis  is first to relieve pain and  reduce inflammation . Then, we aim to regain mobility and avoid a recurrence.

Radial shock wave therapy

Shoulder surgery is considered if the tendonitis is chronic, pain persists, the condition is recurrent, the tendons tear, or there is no improvement even with treatment.

How to treat tendonitis in the shoulder: prevention

To avoid developing this condition or making it recurrent, avoid adopting poor posture and performing  repetitive movements . For athletes, take the time to warm up properly before practicing a physical activity that requires your shoulder to perform a repetitive movement. Stop moving as soon as you feel any pain or  inflammatory reaction  and let the shoulder rest.

What are the consequences of untreated tendonitis?

Cases of tendonitis often go away on their own if you rest the affected shoulder and apply cold. Depending on the severity of the  shoulder tendinopathy , it could take several weeks or even months before you see any improvement.

If the pain persists and affects your quality of life or prevents you from doing your daily activities, do not hesitate to  consult a shoulder and elbow specialist . Also see a doctor if you have a fever or the shoulder is swollen and red. These symptoms may mean the presence of an infection.

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