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Depending on the lesions, the age of the person and the presence of other diseases, the treatment for chronic painful shoulder can be medical or surgical. Rehabilitation is often offered as part of medical treatment, but also before and after surgery.

Medical treatment for chronic painful shoulder

Infiltration is a local treatment that consists of injecting a product directly into the injured area. For example, in case often dinitis of the shoulder,Treatment of chronic painful shoulder the most common pathology of this joint, the infiltration is carried out in the so-called subacromial space, where the tendons of the rotator cuff are located.

The medicine used is a corticosteroid, a powerful anti-inflammatory which will act directly on the local inflammation to reduce or eliminate it. The infiltration can be guided by radioscopy or ultrasound, to better reach the place to be infiltrated. This treatment has proven efficacy with minimal drawbacks when performed by a trained physician.

Analgesics and anti-inflammatories  : vigilance

To properly use an analgesic or an anti-inflammatory drug , it is important to ensure that there are no contraindications and to respect:

For the same reasons and unless medical advice to the contrary, avoid combining or alternating analgesics of different compositions.

If the treatment is not quickly effective and your pain persists, consult your doctor  ; do not forget to tell him what type of treatment you have taken (medication, dose, frequency).

Surgical treatment for chronic painful shoulder

This surgical treatment of the shoulder is indicated especially for tendon ruptures and for mechanical problems between the tendons of the rotator cuff and the acromion (part of the scapula). It is considered after failure of medical treatment.

Most often, surgery is performed arthroscopically or through a limited skin opening (mini open). More rarely, it can be performed “in the open” (wider incision).

a simple decompression of the subacromial space (possible conflict zone under the acromion where the tendons of the rotator cuff pass) with cleaning of the damaged tendons, planing of the part of the acromial bone which attacks the tendon and section of the ligament to release space  ;

In all cases, the choice of operation takes into account the age of the person, his motivation, the conditionof the tendons and muscles and any associated diseases…

Preparing for your return home

Following your hospitalization and if you are over 75 years old, the Health Insurance can help you to best prepare for your return home.

A health insurance adviser organizes your medical follow-up with the city health professionals of your choice (physiotherapist and/or nurse) and facilitates your administrative procedures.

Functional rehabilitation or physiotherapy in case of chronic painful shoulder

Functional rehabilitation (kinesitherapy) is a widely used treatment often associated with analgesic drugs.

The purpose of physiotherapy is to relieve pain, restore good muscle strength and shoulder mobility. The physiotherapist follows the instructions of the doctor or surgeon and gives advice to his patient so that he participates in his rehabilitation (self-rehabilitation), that he protects his shoulder and avoids harmful gestures. Patient cooperation is required.

This rehabilitation is carried out in the office of the physiotherapist masseur or during a hospitalization in follow-up rehabilitation care, if it is necessary after a surgical procedure.

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